This is our resources page. Find links to companies, links to terms and links to articles about the landscape when it comes to email and other forms of delivery.

Books will also be listed which closely talk about the landscape in some way as it relates to today. There are other books which may be true stories of crimes and punishments, but things change, and those books may be listed if it fits. For example, we could list a book talking about check cashing and crimes of that nature, but while that might have changed from the time of the book, it gives a history.

It may be best to read the description of the book to determine if it is something you want to read. Just because we decide to list a book and it is older doesn't make it less relevant than something newer that talks about what is happening today.

As discussed on these pages, actors tend to utalize email as one of the main methods of delivery, although they could come in through SMS, social media or voice calls.

If there is a term, book, or blog post that you'd like added that isn't in the terms list, books list, company and resource table, or blog post listings, please send an email to the JRN and let us know. We'll see what we can do!


These are terms that you might see. Some terms might not be directly related to email, however, they are here because its part of the industry that exists today and may affect you. As we've said, actors can use many different tactics, so the terms may be of value when it comes to protecting yourself. All links, unless specified after the link, are going to be linked from Wikipedia. Keep in mind that articles from Wikipedia might need revision and we're not responsible for these links and the fact they say they need revision or correction in some way.

The terms

There is also another larger list of terms that you might be interested in. Thanks to the folks at knowb4 and the rooms I had been in on clubhouse, they were doing this and talking about some of the terms within the list. Its a great resource. Maybe you'll find something you didn't know that will help you!

That completes the set of terms.

Books of interest

picture of multiple colored books in clipart form.

The books in this section were read, are currently being read, or are in our future reading list. While there are books that we thought of that could be listed, some may not qualify as part of today's landscape coverage. The JRN does not get paid for this list, it is only recommended.

All links are to Amazon and its associated properties whether Kindle, Audible or hardcopy book. You can change the type of book you want from the page if it allows you to do so. If you're disabled, note that not all books will be on sites designed for us such as the NLS, Bookshare or any others that are not listed here.

While Jared Rimer has read, plans to read, or is currently reading these books, the books here are not in any particular order and it doesn't matter the order read. The JRN is not being paid to list these books, we found them valuable and hope you'll give them a look. We hope you enjoy the list, and comment through the podcast on what you think.

Some of the books listed may contain adult content such as strong language or other themes. Reader's discretion is advised.

The book listings

This completes the list of books here on EMHS. If you find a book of interest, please contact the JRN through links available on the web site and make sure to send the title, author and link if possible.

Companies and services of interest

There are companies that can assist making sure we're as secure as possible. Some are Antivirus companies, some are teaching companies, while others may be services. If there is something in this section you found of value that is not listed, please contact the JRN and let us know by sending a link. If you're a company, please get in touch so we can put your link in this table. Thanks very much!

Disclaimer! The JRN makes no endorsements of any products from the following table. They're all resources and you need to use what works best for you. The JRN knows that all software and services listed here are safe, but does not know about accessibility of products unless used by the network. Please contact the company directly for issues!

The companies and services of interest table

Companies and services of interest
Company or service name Description of company or service
Phish Labs by Help Systems Phishlabs was started after a security engineer turned product engineer found that he could take Phishing sites down, but they came back up shortly after. Phishlabs runs a blog that talks about the landscape as well as protecting large companies and their brands from impersonation attacks as well as other attacks they might face. They may reach out to other companies if they detect something that needs taken down. The heading on the home page says it all. It says: "Digital Risk Protection through curated threat intelligence and complete mitigation." They are now part of Fortra. More info on Fortra on their web site.
Virus Total Virus Total is a service where you can send files and URL's for analysis. The site will return any negative results, telling you what might be a problem so you can be informed what you receive. For best results if using screen readers, the JRN recommends you use Chrome.
Trend Micro Trend Micro is one of the leading antivirus companies. They've been in business for at least 30 years if not longer. They've got products for home, business and more. They even have a free product called house call which works with the main hard drive to find problems.
F-Secure F-Secure is one of the leading antivirus products that has also been around for at least 30 years. While the JRN has no experience with this suite of products, they have a lot going for them. One of their employees has worked for them before they became F-Secure and has recently written a book.
Malware Bytes Malwarebytes is one of the most accessible pieces of software out there to protect you from malware and ransomware. The price is pretty reasonable and it seems to do a great job. They've been around for quite a number of years, and is recommended in the blind community. Their slogan on the home page in heading says: "CYBERSECURITY. FOR EVERY ONE."
Know Before: Security Awareness training Know before (knowbe4) is a company out there providing training on the different aspects of security including phishing. They've had clubhouse rooms that I enjoyed where we talked security and scams of interest. Please check them out, as some things may be free to get.
Have I Been Pwned (poned) Have I been Pwned (poned) is a web site started by Troy Hunt that allows people like you and I to check our email addresses and phone numbers against known breaches. This information will not include your information, but can link you to known breaches that may include the info you supplied to the site. Links include a domain search, web sites that have been pwned, a password search and other informational things like largest breaches as well as recently added breaches. Stay in the know with Have I Been Pwned!
Expand Shortened URL's This service allows you to expand shortened links from all kinds of services like,, and others. It will show you where the final destination of a link goes to. It will not tell you whether it is safe, although it does have Google Safe Browsing alerts available to you. Use this in conjunction with Virus Total to determine if a link is safe. If you trust where the URL is pointing to alone, great! If you still have questions, use Virus Total's URL checker. We've seen expand url say that it is safe according to google safe browsing, but 2 products from Virus Total may say it is malicious or spam. A link to Virus Total is in this list and is highly recommended.
Abuse IP database ,/td> Abuse IP database is ran as a repository to keep the Internet safe. You can check domains or IP address to see if they're used for spam or malicious activity. I've used this when getting tons of spam through my contact forms to determine if it is a network that I can block. There may be false positives, so blocking a whole subnet may not be practical, but if you see many spam messages using forms or other commenting systems, you might not have much of a choice. They provide an API for automating these things. Check out the site to see if it might be of use to you. An account is free. They do have payment options available to you.
Express VPN Express VPN is one of the leaders in VPN software. Accessible both in Windows and IOS, it protects you from your ISP knowing everything about you, and you can change your location based on your needs. No judging. They do not log anything you do, protecting you from spying. One tap of a connect button, and you're on. Your connection is in ram, not on some hard drive. Disconnect from the VPN and your connection is gone. Learn more and take it for a trial today.
Nord VPN Like Express, Nord does not track hyou. They may have more features available to you, and it may work similarly to Express. While the JRN has not used it, one tester recently told us the IOS app is mostly accessible, with the tab buttons on the bottom of the screen just saying tab. Double tapping on them does change the screen and you can do things with it. Give it a look, today.

This completes the list of companies and resources. Found something that works for you that isn't listed here? Contact the JRN and send a link!

Blog posts

Picture of a folded  newspaper

These are blog posts of articles talking about the landscape that might affect email and other aspects of delivery of the things we receive as malware. If a link becomes broken, please let us know and it'll be removed. Note not all articles may follow this practice, but the info will affect you in some way.

The blog posts

That completes all of the blog posts. Note that you should check this list often, as we may add things to the list that hasn't been read, and we run this particular list in date order. Send articles to the JRN if you found it of value.

That's all the resources for now, please come back to see if there are any more, and please suggest things we're missing.


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